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      The Steel Canopy offers the latest in luxury and technology in utility vehicle canopies.


      - Smooth Colour Coded - matched to the vehicles exterior paint finish
      - Tailgate Window Demister - the only ute canopy with a demister
      - Interior Light - with a three way switch that can be activated manually or by the tailgate
      - The Double Rotary Lock System - gives greater security for your cargo
      - Hidden Clamp System
      - Rail Mount Design - ensures that the seam of the canopy smoothly meets the contours of the tray line, and is compatible with or without a liner
      - Roof Rails provide a factory style finish as well as allowing fitting of roof racks

      Steel canopies are now available in our online shop.


      - Tailgate engineered to automotive standards and extensively tested
      - In the event of an accident the steel construction gives greater strength. If the canopy is damaged it can be repaired in the same manner as your vehicle
      - The painting process applied ensures that the paint finish is the best possible match to the vehicle
      - The Steel Ute Canopy has the capacity to carry loads whilst roof racks are fitted without the need for internal bracing. Rated to 100kg. Compatible with leading brand roof racks
      - Made and tested to OEM specifications, the canopy is widely used by vehicle manufacturers as genuine equipment in Europe/USA
      - Environmentally friendly, a major portion is recyclable.


      - The steel canopy is built on a production line using the same technology to build motor vehicles
      - The manufacturing process for the Steel Ute Canopy combines IS09001 certification quality with modern CAD and CAD/CAM systems to create a final product that is durable, strong and styled to accentuate the vehicle design. Vehicle manufacturers utilise the same CAD/CAM system in the making of a motor vehicle
      - The Steel Ute Canopy is made from the same quality and strength steel used in motor vehicles, and is zinc plated for extra durability
      - Welding is carried out robotically to achieve consistent quality standards
      - The painting process for the canopy is the same process used for a new vehicle - a four step painting and baking process.  First a primer coat is applied, followed by the initial paint coat, a second paint coat and finally the third coat.
      - Each and every individual canopy is tested for water leakage

      Steel canopies are now available in our online shop.