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      100% Australian owned and operated, EGR's main manufacturing facilities in Brisbane are world class and they are market leaders in Vacuum Forming and Robotic Painting to OEM standard.

      EGR's Premium ute canopies are now available for current model Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50, Holden Colorado, Isuzu D-Max, and VW Amarok Ute and most previous model dual cabs. EGR canopies are now available in our online shop - Now on sale - Save up to $260 plus free delivery!

      All Canopies are Australian made and manufactured at EGR's Thermoformed Division in Brisbane. With acrylic capping to provide an excellent smooth surface as its first and final finish. Using the same process as EGR Hard Lids, the Canopies are then painted robotically resulting in a premium paint finish second to none.

      EGR Premium Canopy Features and benefits:

      • 9mm Single Skin Smooth Finish
      • Colour coded
      • Sliding side windows standard
      • Optional lift up side windows
      • Curved frameless rear door with key locked handle
      • High mount brake light (varies for vehicles with tailgate brake light)
      • Interior light
      • Optional roof racks
      EGR Ute Canopy Features
      EGR Smooth Finish Canopy - Mitsubishi Triton
      EGR Smooth Finish Canopy - VW Amarok
      EGR Smooth Finish Canopy - Ford Ranger
      EGR Smooth Finish Canopy - Toyota Hilux
      EGR Smooth Finish Canopy

      Reasons to choose an EGR Premium Canopy

      1. Australian Made by an Australian Manufacturer.

      2. EGR's Canopy shell is made from recycled materials.

      3. Commitment to Inventory / Minimal Lead Times.

      4. Single skin smooth ABS plastic provides a robust, impact resistant substrate more resistant to sharp object impact than fibreglass, which in turn reduces the risk of transport and fitting damage. The plastic canopy shell passes beyond the toughest OEM car manufacturer's testing to above 95 degrees Celcius sunload, through the use of specially developed ABS alloy materials. All of EGR's Canopies are a high quality smooth finish.

      5. All Canopy shells are robotically trimmed for uniform accuracy as well as computer controlled moulding for shell thickness consistency.

      6. All Canopies are robotically painted to OEM standards and pass OEM testing requirements for paint finishes. All painted Canopies are to OEM Master plaque spec and tested with an X-Rite 3 axis Spectrophotometer to ensure accuracy. 

      7. EGR's Premium Canopy features a colour coded base rail cover strip. Many other canopies on the market only offer an unpainted black cover strip.

      8. Interior finish in smooth light grey plastic making it easier to clean than carpet and also promotes light reflection.

      9. Solid dual curved frameless rear glass door with centre door handle triggering 2 stage rotary slam latches at the sides, onto stainless steel strikers (similar to vehicle's construction). No primitive locking bars or double plastic side rear door locks on the EGR Premium Canopy. Rear door is also fitted with an adjustable 'high mount' stop lamp meeting ADR standards.

      10. Rear door and lift up side window glass is 5mm thick, strong and tempered. All windows pass ECE R43 and is E marked for safety legislation.

      11. 3 side window variations (Dual Slider, Dual Lift Up, Slider/Lift Up (curb side).

      12. Dark tinted glass in rear door and side windows.

      13. Sliding front window for easy access to cabin rear window.

      14. Side sliding windows are dual pane, both sliding.

      15. Rear door solid construction via metal bracket connection to the canopy base rails. (When driving off road – the rear door will still close with vehicle twisted on uneven terrain with one wheel off the ground - some manufacturers canopies have issues with this).

      16. Rear door sealing is the best on the market (although vehicle tubs tailgates aren’t sealed) and uses a pinch weld bulb seal and an aluminium extruded solid clamp frame, similar to that used on station wagons and boot lids on cars.

      17. Lift up side window and rear door with high mounted strut points for full opening access. Struts have double guides within sealing for smooth operation and longevity, with dust seals on rear door struts.

      18. All locks on the Canopy are keyed alike, 200 combinations, the best in the industry.

      19. Vehicle specific ‘Plug and Play’ wiring harness for a quick install. No ‘bunch of wires’ at the rear door to decipher and no need to hire an auto electrician to solve the puzzle.

      20. Interior hardwired light using LED’s. Much more consistent for vehicle electrics (draws less current) and safer than traditional and unreliable festoon bulbs.

      21. Compatible to fit with OEM bed liners.

      22. Light weight at 70 Kg and aerodynamically designed, providing a fuel saving attribute.

      23. Three year warranty on Canopy, with one year on gas struts.

      24. Optional Roof Racking System using an internal support frame. The internal support frame does not impede the window openings. Kit includes twin oval cross bars and the complete kit has been independently tested to a 150kg load capacity. 80kg capacity track mount system also available.